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  Commercial SDL

Decralite® was engineered to meet the stringent needs of the commercial marketplace. Using a patented process, materials and a few trade secrets, our adhesion rates are unmatched in the industry. In fact, most competitive products have less than half the peel strength of Decralite® pre-taped SDL.

Decralite® is available in standard or custom-made profiles. An architectural grade finish is available, or they may be supplied primed for finishing later.

Decralite® SDL is available in four configurations: one piece, cut and notched, coped, and lineal bars. Each system comes pre-taped or with a silicone groove... ready to install.

One-Piece: Cut, Finished and Ready to Install

Decralite® is the only true one-piece grid system available in the market today. This patented technology enables our customers to simply apply Decralite® SDL to their windows without any cutting, forming or finishing requirements. And because it's one piece, problems associated with alignment and joinery are eliminated. Creativity is unhindered because... If you can dream it, we can make it!

Pre-Cut and Notched: The Perfect Solution for Any Design Need

When your product requires a more traditional look, we have cut-and-notched kits available. Machined to exacting tolerances using fully automated systems, no competitive product provides the level of quality and ease of installation of Decralite®.


There are circumstances when a coped end kit is desirable. For single bar applications such as simulated transoms, simulated check rails, or use of profiles wider than 1-1/4 inches, coping kits provide a cost-effective solution with excellent results. These kits are available pre-taped and pre-finished or primed for finishing after installation. 

Lineal Bar

Custom Glass has in-house tooling and design capabilities to assist you in historical preservation projects where custom profiles are required. In addition, we stock the widest variety of standard profiles and colors in the industry. Decralite® lineal bar is available in short lot quantities, eliminating the need for high volume production extruded products. 
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Commercial Glass
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