Commercial Products
Historical Renovation: Decralite® grilles have been used in many historical renovation projects. Each of these projects required a customized solution. Warren Easton High School.
New Construction: Decralite® grilles are well-suited for condominium projects. From simple Colonial architecture to highly complex design requirements, Decralite® provides the ultimate curb appeal. Disney Saratoga Springs.
Renovation/Signage: Most communities have enacted street zoning requirements limiting the size and type of signage available to the retail sector. Decralite®  offers a new, creative means of balancing the needs of the retailer with the desires of the community. View BB&T renovation.
Restaurants: Decralite® is instrumental in helping create a welcoming atmosphere for the restaurant sector. Many restaurants must maintain the “look” of the communities around them, and Decralite® makes this easy and affordable. View Arby's renovation.


Commercial Glass
Commercial Glass
Custom Glass Products fabricates highly energy efficient insulating glass units for the commercial markets. more
Commercial SDL
Commercial SDL
Decralite┬« was engineered to meet the stringent needs of the commercial marketplace. Using a patented process, materi... more
All products manufactured by Custom Glass Products go through rigorous
 testing and quality control. Our products
are tested to IGCC, AAMA and ASTM standards.